Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Happy Birthday Maurice Jackson.

Well, this year has started with a bang and it seems as if we are on a roll. One of the starting events this year on the 27th Feb, was a birthday party for a man by the name of  Mr Maurice Jackson. Mike, his son arranged with me to put on a surprise birthday party with a Mike Hailwood theme. It was a big surprise when i opened the door for Maurice to find all his friends and family there to wish him a great birthday.
A great night was had by all and Mike managed to organise the most special birthday cake I have ever seen. It was truly amazing. Well done Mike for a top job and Happy Birthday Maurice Jackson. Thank you all guys.

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  1. Wow! The baker is an artist. This cake looks fascinating and mouth-watering as well. It was great coming across this delightful post. My daughter’s birthday is also around the corner and I have booked one of the Los Angeles event venues for her birthday celebration. Can you tell me who made this cake? I would like to get one for my kid.